What is a dark web directory?

What is a dark web directory?
The Internet was invented a long time ago. Everyone knows that most Web sites are on the Klinet. But the klirnet is only the tip of the iceberg. The tor network was invented by the U.S. military as one of the anonymous networks of the Internet. The essence of how it works is simple, anyone with a tor browser accesses the network and a web is formed. In doing so, the network is accessed through several nodes called computers. Your ip address is hidden behind these computers on which the tor browser is installed. The tor browser opens normal sites that are on the clearnet as well as sites on the onion network. Anonymous tor sites. Such sites are usually used for illegal activities such as selling drugs, weapons, credit cards and other things.
In other words - the dark web directory is a directory of anonymity with free speech.
There are whole communities on the tor network that fight for freedom of speech and reject censorship.
Terrorists also use the tor browser.
Anyone who wants to remain anonymous and not get caught uses the tor browser.
Everyone knows the story of CIA agent Edward Snowden, who worked in the field of Internet technology and was personally involved in the wiretapping of U.S. citizens. He himself always used the tor browser because he understood that everyone was being watched now...
So how to accurately and scientifically justify and explain to an ordinary person what is a tor browser?
Let's turn to wikipedia there it says:
Free and open source software for implementing the second and third generation of so-called onion routing. It is a system of proxy servers that allows you to establish an anonymous network connection, protected from eavesdropping. It is regarded as an anonymous network of virtual tunnels, providing data transmission in encrypted form.
Also in the dark web directory there are sites browsers which help to distinguish fraudulent sites from the real ones. One of these browsers is darkkwikki.
Darkwikki is a marketplace for selecting vendors and services that they provide.
Darkwikki is a directory of darknet sellers.In this directory collected sites tor, he sort of scam tor list with the ability to watch the deals and sellers contacts

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