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Darknet is a layer of the Internet that is not accessible to conventional search engines (Google, Yandex, Yahoo and others). The main feature of almost any site within the deep web and the darknet is a large and complex link. Most often it consists of an arbitrary set of letters, numbers and symbols with a .onion domain at the end. Such sites can only be accessed if the Tor browser is used and a reliable VPN service is available.
Today, the darknet is a place where you can find content of any kind and orientation - from pirated materials to banned pornography. Many states want to ban the darknet, but this task seems difficult, if not impossible. Why does so?
When someone accesses the Tor network, their computer becomes a kind of access point, while they themselves use someone else's personal computer as the same kind of conduit. The users in this circle change every 10 minutes - this allows for the greatest anonymity. That's what makes blocking Tor browser a very tough question. Even the famous Chinese firewall does this very poorly. In fact, there is only one developed country in the world with an Internet in which Tor is completely banned: North Korea. Of course, it cannot be fully taken into our account, because the Internet there in general is under a strict state ban, and most people do not even have the opportunity to use it.
Technically, Tor is completely private and confidential, but things are a little different in a practice. Many people disregard the rules of Internet hygiene, leaving behind a large number of traces in the darknet (for example, keeping their cookies enabled). If they commit illegal actions on banned and restricted sites, they risk to get severe penalties for themselves, because it will be fairly easy to track them down if needed.
There are not many sites on the darknet, only about 10,000 in total. Many of them do not contain illegal content. In the deep layers of the Internet, you can find many useful resources, such as libraries with editions of rare books, etc.
What kind of dark web directories exist?
It is worth understanding that if you are new to the Tor-business, it can be quite difficult to reach a particular site. For this purpose, many users (on their own initiative) create entire directories and lists of darknet sites to visit.
The most popular and sought-after resource on the Tor network is The Hidden Wiki. It is a completely anonymous Wikipedia, which allows each user to edit the information as they want to. On the main page of the site, you can find many links leading to popular online resources of the darknet.
The site itself is available even in top-level domains, which is very convenient because it provides links to hidden and hard-to-reach Tor network resources. Many of the links found on The Hidden Wiki lead to sites that engage in illegal activity in one form or another.
On the darknet you can easily find these types of criminal activities:
Distribution of illegal pornography (including child pornography as well);
Creating and distributing business ideas, startups, and B2B schemes that have a fraudulent basis;
Distribution of narcotic substances - It is noteworthy that one of the largest drug marketplaces in the darknet's entire existence, Silk Road, was blocked by U.S. law enforcement agencies in 2013.
Right now Hidden Wiki is in an "amorphous" state. Getting access to the site is difficult enough, there are a huge number of mirror links on the Tor network, but many of them do not work, and many have a filter that removes a lot of content from Hidden Wiki.
In October 2015, a light, mini-version of the site was created. It was called The Light Hidden Wiki. The decision to create a light version of the site was made after a large number of mirror links started appearing (many of them leading to phishing sites instead of Wikipedia). From now on, all links leading to the Hidden Wiki are moderated directly through local moderators.
Carding forum list
Basically, people go to the darknet for benefits – it can be a profitable purchase of a service, or even something forbidden. Over the last years carding has been gaining more and more popularity in Tor, so we will take a closer look at several (meantime the most popular) sites on this carding forum list

Thief (market)
DarkWiki (market)
Darkway (market)

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