Are darknet links a danger or something they are trying to hide from us? Let's find out together.

There are many darknet sites and links on the tor network
Darknet links - this is a kind of guide to the dark web tor net.
Empire Market is a kind of successor to the once-closed site called Dream Market. For the most part, Empire is a forum where visitors can exchange a variety of information of almost any kind. You can find several main topics on the site:
A bulletin board;
Reviews of tor sites listings can be found on a special DarkWiki site
DarkWiki is a listing of darknet sellers, a kind of list of darknet links

The first tab, Information board, is designed for forum members to get to know each other, share basic information regarding the functioning of the site, etc.
The second tab - Listing Reviews, as you can understand from the name, is created for forum members. Here they can trade with each other. The main subjects of exchange here are carding manuals. In this section you can also find announcements for the sale of credit cards with balances on them.
The third section is General. Here you can discuss carding ideas with other users. In general, the section is very similar to the Information Board, except that in General, people only communicate on the topic of carding.
Notably, this site belongs to the group of those sites in the darknet that are also available in the clearnet. On this forum you can see quite a lot of advertisements for various sites, and although all of them are checked by the local moderation, you can click on them only at your own risk.
The forum itself includes 5 categories:
Verified section;
Unverified section;
General Discussions;
Let's look at each of them in more detail.
PrivateZone is a kind of general section where announcements, important messages (fixed in the header) and rules are published. You can also find quite a lot of hacking tutorials here.
Verified Section is a selling place. Many credit card offers can be found here. Note that only verified users can sell at this resource.
The Unverified section differs from the previous one in that all users can sell here. The fraud rate increases dramatically here for obvious reasons.
General discussion is a place where forum participants communicate. Here, as in PrivateZone, you can find useful information on how to learn about hacking and carding, or how to protect yourself from them. Notably, access to this site is strictly paid and costs 0.002 BTC, which is about $80 at the current exchange rate. You can register on the site for free, but only if you have a special invitation.
4 Carding.
Finally, let's take a look at another infamous carding forum, 4 Carding. This is one of the oldest sites of its kind. It was created in 2002, and since then it has had over 450,000 unique users.
Access to the site is conditionally free. This means that from time to time the moderators of the site make access to it on a paid basis to free the servers (such a system had to be introduced when the site was visited by more than 150 thousand people simultaneously, so it began to lag and fall down).
In general, the site is not very different from the two previously reviewed. It has the following sections:
Main Carding Forum;
Carders Market Place;
Hacking and Carding section.
On the "Home Carding Forum" the visitor can find useful information, news and some topics for discussion.
The "Carding Marketplace" contains many ads from verified carders and sellers who have earned trust on this site.
In the "Hacking and Carding" section, you can find many guides and tutorials on the process of hacking equipment and the basics of carding.
Registration is required to stay on the site, and if you wish, you can hide your e-mail and other contact information so that they do not appear on your profile page. You can also go into invisible mode, and other forum members will not be able to see that you are now online.
It is worth saying that the forum also has a good support service that handles all complaints about scammers promptly.
A person who spends time on the darknet should know the laws of the state in which he lives. Carding is a real scam that is punishable in the vast majority of modern, developed countries. The entire article is written for informational and educational purposes only. The author is not responsible for any actions taken by a person after reading the material presented here.


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