Shop cloned debit cards on darknet as people buy cloned cards

Greetings to you, lovers of anonymity on the network and not only!

Today we will talk about a rather interesting thing like the Tor browser. Most at least once heard about this miracle of anonymization, because this is the way to the real Darknet. And few actually used it.

Meets us quite a nice start page. It is here that the path of lovers of anonymity and forbidden begins.. Shop cloned debit cards on the darknet there are many such sites that sell people's credit card data.

DuckDuckGo is installed as the base search engine here, which is famous for not stored any user data and does not collect it for advertising. Yes, of course :)

By the way, the speed of surfing is extremely reduced, which is associated with the distribution of the request on the servers (output nods) we will talk about them below.

The main inhabitants and users of the Tor browser are persons who can be classified as criminal and marginalized. There are a lot of people who sell illegal goods big request is on Shop cloned debit cards they are most searched for people in search engines darknet.

But do not consider the Tor browser as exclusively something marginal. The main function of the browser is fundamental anonymization.

But it's not that simple. Let's talk about weekend NODs (IPshniki). Everyone knows that they are supported by volunteers and ordinary users around the world. Thus, if an illegal action is committed from your IP address as a member of the TOR network, then you, again, YOU may be considered as an "accomplice in the incident" and this may have some consequences. In practice, the case to prison comes extremely rarely, but trouble can be caught a lot.

By the way, deanonomization of TOR users is a topic for a separate article, like a spoiler: in USA it is a little easier to do this than in other countries because of the smaller number of users.What is my verdict after using the browser and getting information about it?


I do not recommend using this browser. You need anonymity - do not use the Internet. If you want to do something illegal: prepare to receive a well-deserved punishment and DESERVEDly.

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  1. xeoin
    Good article I've been meaning to do this shit for a long time. But then I changed my mind not to do this kind of thing now online is not as safe as it used to be

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