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The sale on the dark web of the register of 91 million voters of the National Electoral Institute (INE) is not from 2018 is from the current register of 2021. "They did the hack in January, they used the information in July, in the elections and that's why they already put it on sale to the highest bidder globally," said Professor Israel Reyes..

He emphasized that since January of this year it was detected in intelligence analysis in dark networks, that the INE had vulnerabilities in its servers. "He was warned of this, but no action was taken, there was negligence." It is no secret that darknet is the scariest place on the Internet, you can get anything here, buy credit card online for other people, buy guns, etc.

"Failure to protect the privacy of the electorate is irresponsible of the INE and its president, Lorenzo Córdova. You can't blame a political party or a supplier. At the end of the day the personal data was given to the INE. With the guarantee that I was going to take care of that information that is now for sale on the dark web," he said in an interview.

He stressed, the professor of the master's degree in Political Communication and Governance at George Washington University. That means that the INE does not have the capacity to protect citizens' information.

"If this happened in other countries such as the United States, Germany or another of the European Union, by executive order they would ask the resignation of the head of the INE and would have to testify in Congress to report why this information, the privacy of the electorate's data, our democracy, is for sale in a network of hackers not only in Mexico, but on a global level." Buy credit card online this request takes a large part of queries in darknet, it makes darknet more mysterious place.

He maintained that "Mexicans deserve a forceful response from our personal data and the privacy of information."

"We have the General Law on the Protection of Personal Data. So, there is a mistake, a negligence in protecting that information."

And he pointed out: If I were an advisor to the President of the Republic, I would ask the resignation of the president of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova."

Is the INE an autonomous body?

"If there is a violation of information, a violation of the protection of personal data, you can be asked to resign even if it is an independent body of the Executive Branch," he said.

He recalled that for a long time, he warned of the risk of this compromised information and recalled that the same happened in 2018, a political party was blamed for the leak of the register and imposed a fine, but no care was taken to protect the padrón. "And the INE is very vulnerable to hacks."

He stressed that the day before two unprecedented events occurred, the espionage of Pegasus and the hacking of the INE. A lot of people don't understand why credit cards are sold on the darknet and why you can buy credit card online, it's to hide your real identity.

This note contains information from various sources in cooperation with those media.

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