How to find black market, via search engines on tor network world

The darknet is notorious, and for good reason. The "dark web" has many other uses, but it is mainly used for criminal activity, so it can be dangerous for those who are in it for the first time. It is frightful? That's right, ordinary users are better off staying away from this disastrous place! And this post is intended exclusively for burnt users.

What is the Deep Web

To begin with, learn what the Deep Web is. As a rule, the content that is available to ordinary users of the network is called "indexable", that is, we have free access to it (for example, through search engines). However, most of the content is not available to us. The dark web, or more precisely the black market, sells things that are not legal and other illegal services.

Such content includes personal correspondence in social networks, information about patients of medical institutions or customers of banks and much more. This is the Deep Web. In it, you can easily dig up secret data, buy drugs or weapons (even hire a killer), and go unnoticed.

Deep Web is a place hidden from the eyes of an ordinary Internet user, but accessible using special software. The darknet is just part of the "Deep Web", and it is also hidden, and to get into it, you also need a non-standard program (or even several). Deep web is a little different from dark web, but they have a common feature is the black market and negative services.

How do I log in to darknet?

To get into the hidden corners of the Internet, the Tor browser is best suited. By the way, it can be used as an advanced VPN, as it is able to make your visit to the Internet completely anonymous. That is, providers will not be able to track your IP address, and your logs will not be saved.
After installing Tor, it is important to correctly specify the geolocation.

How do I specify geolocation in the Tor browser?

When we access the network through a regular browser, our geolocation is easy to track by IP address or ISP. Tor allows you to change the input and output nodes of your IP connection. I changed the output node - it looks like this.
First you need to run Tor and accept all permissions - this is necessary so that a file appears in the system folder in which we will change the geolocation.

Opened a browser? Now close it and open Tor's system folder.

Go the way: Browser > TorBrowser > Data > Tor. You will see the torrc file.

Click on it with the right mouse button and select Open with.
The file is opened by plain text editors (Notepad or Wordpad).
In this case, the value is {US} - this means that the GEOLOCATION of the United States is selected. But you can choose any other country (e.g. Canada (CA) or India (IN)).
Press CTRL+Sto save your changes.

Sites in DarkNet

Darknet site addresses are different from regular sites with top-level domains. In the Dark Web, the most common domain is .onion. The address of the "onion" site is easy to distinguish from the usual - it consists of an incomprehensible set of letters and numbers that cannot be remembered. For example: eajwlvm3z2lcca76.onionis the address of a popular e-commerce site on the Darknet (if the site does not open, then the address has already changed - a frequent occurrence here). It is also possible to find weapons and drugs in the black market.

Searchers in the DarkNet

I've tried a variety of search engines that are most popular on the Darknet (like Grams), and I have to admit, they've all proven to be useless. But I liked the HiddenWiki search right away, I recommend you to try it. Here you will find a list of the most common sites on the Darknet.

Currency in DarkNet

The most popular currency of the "Dark Web" is Bitcoin, since it is a cryptocurrency, and it is difficult to track. Any other crypts are also suitable.

P.S. This post is written for reference purposes only, using it as a tutorial, you take full responsibility.

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