How to enter to scam list tor sites on the forbidden Internet: Tor browser

The Dark Web is a set of encrypted websites that can only be accessed with special browsers (the same ones that were used for the encryption process). Some refer to this part of the network as the "forbidden" Internet in reference to some of the contents found there, in this initiation guide we will answer: Why is it encrypted? How to access? What is the difference with the Deep Web?

Why "hide" websites by encrypting data?

Concerns about online privacy are not a new issue, it is clear that much of our online activity can be monitored at levels we little understand. This is, according to some, the main reason for having created an entire portion of the Web with sites and users that cannot be tracked in defense of freedom of expression from anonymity. Scam list tor sites is a list of sites where people who no longer want to meet with scammers publish verified sites in tor network.

However, the reality is that a good part of the dark web is dedicated to illicit activities of different levels:from the "harmless" activity of sharing books, movies, songs or other files protected by copyright, to sites that allow you to hire services or buy products from the black market (drugs, weapons, hackers, illegal pornography, and even hitmen). Like any type of technology, the Dark Web amplifies who we are and do as humans without making moral distinctions.

Therefore, because of that duality inherent in the dark web, you have to be very careful when using it and be clear about the purpose before venturing to browse its contents.

What is the difference with the Invisible Web or Deep Web?

In a previous article we talked about the Deep Internet (also called Deep Web or Invisible Web)and said that it should not be confused with the Dark Web or Dark Web. The second, our topic today, is just a portion of that Deep Internet: a section of the web that is distinguished from the rest because it cannot be indexed or accessed from the big search engines (such as Google) and that is why it is called the invisible Web.

Thus, the Dark Web is a part of the Invisible Web, since not only is it not dated by traditional search engines but it requires the use of browsers specially designed to access its contents:such as Tor, I2P or others. There are many sites similar to scam list tor sites differ in the fact that only markets which sell something not legal are published here

How to access the Dark Web?

To begin with, it is important to clarify and reiterate several points around the Dark Web:
•Its existence is based on the principles of privacy, anonymity and free expression.
•Some websites can and will contain highly sensitive information for many audiences: copyrighted downloads, sale of illegal drugs, illegal pornography, distribution of weapons, hiring of hacker services, etc.
•To maintain the privacy and anonymity of users and creators of dark web sites, all content is encrypted.
•Because of this encryption, it cannot be accessed with traditional browsers (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Firefox) but requires the use of the same program on which its encryption process was based (such as Tor or I2P).
•There are no large search engines to find sites on the Dark Web. Current search engines only index a small part of this website, so it is recommended to use directories and lists specialized in certain types of content. The request "scam list tor sites" is more popular than ever among the buyers of darknet markets.

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