How people buy credit card balance in darknet markets in tor network

Darknet markets. And without having to look for anything, in its visible "Must Read" section of featured articles, I see first of all an updated list with dozens of markets of this type.

Therefore, if you have a starting point, the name of a website to look for, it is extremely easy to find several stores in which to buy the passwords of stolen accounts. The only steps you have to take is to use the Tor Browser search engine and register in the stores you want to enter. This last step is always easy because they do not usually ask you too confidential data to do so. Buy credit card balance is very easy to do with a tor browser which gives you almost complete anonymity.

But as not everyone is up to date with this type of activities or know the most popular stores, I also wanted to try if it is easy to find this type of online store without having a point or a name from which to start. In this other test my first stop is that of so many others who begin to explore the depths of the network for the first time: The Hidden Wiki.

This is a huge index with links to some interesting Darknet pages. I don't go to the .org that Google takes us to, but I search Tor Browser to find its .onion address. This one is even bigger, and to find relevant information is a bit more complicated. In addition, although there is a section for markets, most of them are dedicated almost exclusively to drugs, so for what I am looking for it is of no use to me.

Still, fifteen or twenty minutes after starting to explore your links I find a very interesting one. It's in the links section in Spanish, it's called Hidden Answers and it's a kind of Yahoo Answers from the Darknet. It also has an English version called Hidden Answers with even more participation.

After a few minutes looking for different combinations of words I look for "accounts" or "dark market" and bingo, among the questions that used the term I find one in whose answers two links of interest appear. One is towards the same store "Alphabay" that we have talked about before and that we already know sells stolen accounts, and another is towards another alternative that I did not know called HANSA Market. If you want to buy credit card balance you must think twice as there is a high probability you will be cheated by a fraudster in darknet.

This last store, unlike almost most, does not require being registered to browse its content. I search for "MySpace" and immediately I see the sale of a database with 358,676,097 tickets with usernames and passwords. It costs just $600, so each account has a negligible value.

Therefore, in summary I could say that in half an hour or an hour at most anyone can enter the Darknet and find some store in which they sell millions of accounts stolen through massive hacks. To avoid fraud in these sales, online markets implement a voting system to qualify sellers, so you can even measure the risks when buying this type of data.

How much is your password worth?

According to a study conducted by Hot Commodity based on the price of leaks, on average each email account sells for $ 0.7 or $ 1.2, Amazon between $ 0.7 and $ 6, porn services, Netflix and Uber for one or two dollars, and PayPal accounts between $ 1 and $ 80 depending on the amount of money they have.

This means that something that can cause us as much inconvenience as having an account stolen when it comes to selling on the black market in the depths of the network, its value is almost zero. I wanted to see that this is indeed thecase, and unfortunately it seems to be true, and the prices are very low.
The accounts of porn sites like Brazzers I have found for 0.99 dollars on the net. Exactly for the same reason I have managed to find a Netflix account, and for a price of from $ 1.49 I have found Spotify accounts. And what's more surprising, a bundle with accounts for Netflix, Hulu Plus and Spotify is trading at just $4.99. Buy credit card balance you can on carding forums and sites that sell illegal goods they can be found using search engines.

At the time I have done the search I have not found Gmail accounts, but Amazon accounts I have seen them for 4 and 15 dollars,and PayPal from 5 dollars the most basic to others stolen in Poland that for 30 dollars include 600 PLN, which come to be about 138 euros at the change.
And of course, if you do not want to depend on whether or not there are accounts available you can also steal them yourself. That's why guides are sold to hack PayPal for $ 5,or services with which, in exchange for $ 2, a cracker hacks the account you want.

As we have seen, I have been able to verify that accessing the pages where stolen accounts are sold in megafiltracioens is easy, and also that the price of each individual account is very low taking into account the problem of being stolen. Therefore, to avoid scare it does not hurt to stay informed about leaks and pull pages and applications such as Have I been hacked? or Hacked to see if any of our accounts are exposed.

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