Darknet links what is darknet and where to find these links on the dark web

As you know, the visible Internet, available through standard search engines is not the whole network. Its visible part, the so-called "Clearnet" (Surface Web), is only 4-5% of the entire network.

The invisible part, called the "Deep Web", has a much larger size, and is usually hidden from the user's eyes. Among the levels of the Deep Web there is one, called "DarkNet", and available only with the help of special software.

This name is not given by chance, as you can find there Jungian "Shadow" familiar to us the Internet. In the article, we will analyze what the Darknet is, and provide lists of sites with valid darknet links.

What is the Darknet?

According to some experts, the hidden segment of the "Deep Web" network (literally "deep web") is about 500 times larger than the visible and accessible Internet. Its growth occurs exponentially, it is hidden from the indexing of search engines, but its resources can be accessed through direct darknet links.

At the same time, part of the Deep Web is available only with the help of special software. This part is called the DarkNet. Here is a haven of rather motle sites and hidden personalities that carry out rather dubious things.


They will offer to buy drugs, weapons, and child pornography, here you will find the infamous Wikileaks, here they pay for goods with bitcoins, it is full of crime and cyber police. A significant part of the Darknet is the trade in prohibited goods.

How do I get to DarkNet via the Tor browser?

Most darknet links have the extension .onion (translated as "onion"). They can not be opened with a regular browser, and when you click on such a link, your web navigator will display a message about the absence of the site. Sites with a similar extension are opened using the well-known Tor, which works on the basis of onion routing. Using Tor allows you to maintain your privacy and security on the network, which is fully used by dubious social elements. The activities of the latter on the Darknet are often semi-legal or illegal, so the use of Tor for they are vital.

You will have to install Tor and find darknet links on the network where there are darknet links. Some of these references may not work, but they are, so to speak, "production costs".
When working with DarkNet and Tor, remember that you cannot work with a regular browser that uses an insecure connection at the same time. In this case, your data can fall into the hands of attackers.


Above I gave some links to the sites of the unsafe Darknet - a layer of the network hidden from the eyes of an unsuspecting user. Since visiting this segment of the network is deeply doubtful, I recommend avoiding the transition to such resources. And if you decide to visit, then act and enter into social communications there at your own risk.

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