Carding forum list for beginners to learn the dark net industry

In the topic I will tell you about carding forum and the carder forum list. Carders is a slang name for people - from "card", live on carding forums that use computer equipment and various equipment for carding to steal data, their records - a dump on plastic and the subsequent exchange of money.

The network divorced a lot of carding forum list and everywhere write flattering reviews, the most "experienced" forum members earn a lot of money, and allegedly ready to help beginners - sell different manuals and schemes of earnings, moreover, they promise a round sum in a month, but the training is naturally not free.

 If you made such an offer, then most likely the seller threw or does not understand anything in carding, otherwise why should he sell a scheme that you can use yourself and earn money, and not engage in training. There are even whole scammes carding forums, in which all participants are involved in the fraud scheme - the seller, the guarantor and the administration. Specifically, you can check the site on our forum in the carding forum list.

So what is carding?

 Carding is a type of activity, primarily for the theft of INFORMATION, dumps of debit cards. Therefore, a real carder should have good knowledge in the field of hacking and hacking information systems, databases. Have concepts in the field of php, sql, and other programming languages, be able to use private exploits, look for holes in shops and server vulnerabilities. There is another option for carders - it is to use for data theft equipment installed on readers, as well as other necessary for writing cards - encoders, screamers, embossers. In addition, you can buy ready-made information and record on plastic or use the scheme of clothing carding on carding forums. Carding forum list you need to go and look at this list because here you will find sites that will really help you understand what carding is a lot of useful information can be found on this request. There are a lot of options for work, and I just briefly described here what carding is and what you should beware of not getting on the scammers. I do not urge anyone to engage in carding itself. The article is written only for beginners.

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