A few questions on the carding forum topic answered by a former carder

Is carding easy money?

No. In general, all crime is not easy money. Any money is hard. To succeed in cybercrime, you still need to achieve a certain status, work day and night, be in touch with hundreds of people, speak several languages, it is desirable to have some kind of information resource such as a blog or carding forum. I can agree that in crime money is fast. But they are not easy, they are as difficult as in other areas.

If you don't take money into account, why did you do this?

Did you feel a certain buzz when you broke some systems? No. Carders are not hackers. I consider hackers to be the elite of the cybercriminal world. But they're not salesmen. They get card numbers, e-bay accounts are hacked, database dumps. And I did it solely because of the money. And I got there by accident by and large. It was the 90s, my parents worked two or three jobs to provide for the family. We ordered any products from Western online stores and paid with left credit cards. Well, then - more: the sale of documents, credit card numbers, dumps with pin codes. I didn't get any high. I made about $100,000 a month. I didn't spend a lot of money ($3-5 thousand). I threw them into the stash that my grandfather had in the garden. In a suitcase from a hookah cache folded.

Can we say that carders are an endangered species?

No, we have the largest carding forum. Everyone hung out there: carders, hackers, virus writers, and spammers - a motley crowd (about 6 thousand people). Now there are carding forums where 300 thousand people sit. 10 years have passed, and the growth is 50-100 times. Now there are many telegram channels that teach this for money. But this is also a dubious occupation. What's the point that they will teach you how to steal someone else's PayPal?

Hold on... Are you saying that there are carder schools that teach this for money?


And how many students are there?

They produce 200-500 students a month. Does a businessman who sells on carding forum courses earn more on the carding itself or on the courses? Like all infogygans- he earns on sales.

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